Jackson Hallberg, Foods that Heal, 2018, Aluminum dye sublimation print, 20 x 16 inches

Jackson Hallberg

DEEP POWER presented by Duplex

March 1 – 4, 2018

Sargent’s Daughters is pleased to present DEEP POWER, a solo pop-up exhibition of new works by Jackson Hallberg. The exhibition, presented by Duplex, will open on Thursday, March 1, 6-8pm.

When do you feel the most fulfilled?
•    after a good work out
•    cleaning my apartment
•    paying off all of my debt
•    organizing my desktop (virtual or physical)

When do you feel the weakest?
•    revealing myself to a significant other
•    sleeping in late
•    binging on junk food
•    when my checking account balance is low

Where do you feel in touch with your true self?
•    deep in the woods
•    on the beach
•    in my studio, office, or workplace
•    at the top of a mountain

How do you experience intuition?
•    as an emotion or feeling in my chest
•    in my gut or as a physical sensation
•    as a request or command
•    as a flurry of thoughts racing through my head

DEEP POWER: an elegy to the vacuum of consumption that commodifies and defines personal experience.

Led by the curation team of Eden Deering and Sydney Fishman, Duplex is a New York City based pop-up art collective that produces site-specific exhibitions curated to reflect their environment.

Jackson Hallberg (b. 1993, Westerly, RI) lives and works in New York. He received his BFA from Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI 2015 and has recently exhibited at Miranda Kuo Gallery, New York. This is his first exhibition at Sargent's Daughters.