Sargent's Daughters is pleased to present Sargent's Daughters, a group exhibition of 40 female artists exploring the legacy of John Singer Sargent.  

Sargent was best known in his life as a portrait painter, though he produced a prodigious inventory of landscape, historical and travel watercolors.  His reputation for capturing the mystery and essence of a sitter's beauty led him to be commissioned to paint the most socially prominent women of his day.  As subjects, the women in Sargent's paintings are not passive creatures, yet they are not entirely active either.  When we consider the influence of Sargent on a later generation of artists the question of this participation remains.  

What has Sargent's influence on women artists been?  The wide range of artists who react to his work includes sculptors, photographers, painters and installation artists-- each drawing on different aspects of his work.  The immediacy of emotion and the palpable sense of illusion are present in these pieces, creating a thread to link the past of Sargent's women with the present.

L.C. Armstrong
Sarah Awad
Whitney Bedford
Ellen Brooks
Rebecca Campbell 
Jordan Casteel
Holly Coulis
Zoe Crosher
Jennifer Dalton
Inka Essenhigh
Katie Fischer
Natalie Frank
Joy Garnett
Orly Genger
Elizabeth Glaessner
Isca Greenfield-Sanders
Jenna Gribbon
Nora Griffin
Jeila Gueramian
Tamara Gonzales
Ellen Harvey
Brad Jones
Field Kallop
Jemima Kirke
Marcia Kure
Saira McLaren
Jesse Mockrin
Kristine Moran
Caris Reid
Jackie Saccoccio
Sandi Slone
Jessica Stoller
Emily Sudd
Betty Tompkins​
Michelle Vaughan
Emily Weiner
Jessica Williams
Robin Williams
Amy Wilson
Letha Wilson 



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